Belle Isle Kayak Adventures was founded by the father son team of Rick and Chris Buss.

Rick has been recreationally kayaking for years.  He fishes, dives, and snorkels off his kayaks, and calls the waters of Boston Harbor his backyard.  As a Navy veteran and former lifeguard, Rick has always been on, under or around the ocean.  He has lived in the Belle Isle area for years and can show you a different perspective of Boston.

Chris has been swimming since he was 5, and has grown to embrace the health and environmental aspects of kayaking.  He fishes and dives out of his kayak, but loves to use the unique strengths of the kayak to obtain distinctive outlooks on  the environment.

Call us at (617) 719-2036 and let Rick and Chris provide you with an adventure that is sure to show you an uncommonly good time.

About Belle Isle Marsh

Belle Isle Marsh Reservation preserves 152 acres of the 241-acre Belle Isle Marsh, Boston's last remaining saltmarsh.   The marsh is home to multiple species of saltmarsh plants, fish, and shellfish, most rare in a metropolitan area.  In addition the birding opportunities provided are tremendous, including nesting osprey, herons, owls and numerous other species.  As a member of the Friends of Belle Isle Marsh group, Rick is dedicated to protecting this valuable resource.