Our rates are based on the type of kayak, length of use, and if you require us to deliver it to you.  Just give us a call and we can customize the best option for your adventure.

We have both Sit-On-Top and Sit-In style kayaks.  We currently have the following makes of kayaks for your use:

Hobie Adventure - A pedal driven kayak, the Hobie Adventure can be used for fishing or touring.  You can cover a vast amount of the ocean and keep your hands free for fishing or picture taking.

Hobie Outback - A pedal driven kayak just like the Adventure, the Outback is a bit wider and provides for greater weight capacity.

Ocean Kayak Peekaboo - A unique kayak that provides for a unique perspective to the kayaker.  This kayak features a viewing window allowing you to see underwater as you paddle.  It has a "jump seat" for kids to come along for the ride.

OK Prowler 13 - A mainstay in kayak fishing, it is a nimble, fast, highly maneuverable sport kayak with plenty of legroom, plus a large tank well to accommodate tackle box, cooler, or other necessities.

Dirigio Tandem - A sit-in kayak that will allow you to tour in comfort and speed.

Malibu XL - The stability and versatility of the world's most popular all-around family fun boat in a longer craft perfect for larger paddlers. Can be paddled solo or tandem. Fits two adults plus a small child or pet.

Manitou 14 - A 14 foot touring sit-in kayak that can be used by both novice and experienced paddlers.

Surfing Kayaks - We have a few different surf kayaks that allow you to surf the waves while seated.  It is a great way to ride the waves without standing on a surfboard.

Additional services such as delivery or mother ship cartage can be provided for additional fees.  Please call us at (617) 719-2036 to discuss your kayaking needs.